Doug Folktale

Doug and I talked a lot to each other. When we were children, we started a club called Dougie and Robin Fan. We were the only members. We would tell jokes and stories to entertain each other. As we grew older, we started talking about politics, history, and just about anything that came to our […]

Welcome to Remembering History Show!

The Importance of African American history: Believe in fairy tales! Hi and welcome to the Wiki History lecture series called History is Power! Produced by where history is power. Today, we’re going to discuss the importance of knowing African American history. We begin by asking why is history important? Great question. Perhaps the answer […]

Empowerment Plan

Empowerment Plan Based on the Book, Introverts: Defeat your Fear! Available at 1. What can go wrong? 2. How can you mitigate the effects of what goes wrong? 3. How can you recover from whatever goes wrong?   Download this Podcast and listen to it on the go!

Fear List Exercise

Fear List Fear of failure Fear of success Fear of change Fear of intimacy Fear of getting old Fear of death Fear of flying Fear of loneliness Fear of public speaking Fear of open spaces Fear of illness Fear of abandonment Fear of looking bad Fear of taking risks Fear of getting hurt (emotionally) Fear […]

What Introverts can learn from Extraverts: Say “Yes!” (Lesson 4)

Today, we begin the fourth lesson that introverts can learn from extraverts. In the last sessions, we learned the importance of small talk, the ability to take risks and how to be comfortable in crowds. Extraverts have mastered these skills. Introverts have not. Yes, introverts do have other skills that extraverts can learn (like how […]