What is your Magnificent Obsession?

My son has many different interests though most of them center on sports. Recently, he stumbled upon the lost art of long boarding.  He actually tried it after noticing a friend riding his long board.  My son timidly stepped on the board and started to ride it. Within minutes, he was hooked. Now, he spends […]

How to Fake it: Steps & Strategies 

In the previous blog, I discussed how a person can pretend (or I used the term, “fake it”) to feel confident even when he or she does not actually feel that way.  I noted that, sometimes, you will not feel confident but that should never be a reason NOT to do something. Remember the young […]

Fake it until… Just Fake It

When I was a child, I remember hearing someone important say that sometimes you have to act confident even if you don’t feel it. I have wondered about that statement for many years. How can someone pretend to feel confident? How can you fake confidence? Perhaps an actor can fake confidence, a person trained to […]