Doug Folktale

Doug and I talked a lot to each other. When we were children, we started a club called Dougie and Robin Fan. We were the only members. We would tell jokes and stories to entertain each other. As we grew older, we started talking about politics, history, and just about anything that came to our minds. I have many memories of talking “concepts” (as we called them) with Doug for hours. We would be sitting on the beach, taking a walk, enjoying a meal, or once even sitting in a revolving lounge overlooking Times Square! In January 2020, Doug and I started a blog in which we would continue talking about different topics from veganism to voting rights and beyond. We called it Espresso Talk Today.  In May, we recorded an episode in which we talk about different stories or folktales that we were reading during the COVID lockdown. Doug selected and read this folktale.  He was particularly moved by this folktale and the lesson that is discussed. It warms my heart to hear Doug’s voice and the message in this short story. Enjoy.

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