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Hi and welcome to Meta-inspired.com. You have just found an inspirational, intelligent and fun place for introverts!


I’m so glad that you came to this website because it can help to put you on the path to success, empowerment and happiness—as an introvert.


My name is Robin and I proudly proclaim that I’m an introvert!


Does it seem strange to be happy to be an introvert? I used to think that it was strange. After all, who would be happy to be called a recluse? Or to be labeled as timid, withdrawn and shy? (Those are actual words from the dictionary to describe introverts!) Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the term “hermit” used as another word for an introvert. But guess what? Those are not accurate terms for introverts. Here are a few good descriptions:


Highly focused



Deep thinking




Those words sound better, don’t they? Well, these are real characteristics of classic introverts—and they often get overlooked in dynamic world of extraverts.


I admit that I didn’t always “proudly proclaim” my introversion. For many years (most of my life, in fact), I denied it. I wanted to be an extravert. The extraverts got all the attention and seemed to have all the fun. I tried hard to be an extravert. I took lots of classes to become more social, forced myself to go to parties that I wasn’t interested in and even joined groups to force myself to meet new people. Nothing made a difference because it wasn’t who I was and it still isn’t who I am. And all that I got for my efforts towards extraversion was a lot of stress, pressure and grief.





It really wasn’t necessary because introverts (just like extraverts) have a lot going on and a lot to contribute on lots of different levels. To our family and friends. To our society. And even to our world. We’re successful in business, law, journalism, literature, politics, sports…we’re everywhere and we’re having an impact.


Personally, I’ve worked as a lawyer, stock trader (I loved that work even though they are not typical introvert jobs), I work as writer, blogger, podcaster, life coach, teacher, athlete, and adventurer (I love to travel solo and have great experiences). And I’m a wife (married almost 20 years), mother and friend.



Yes, I have a very full life…a life full of activity, noise and demands. But I still nurture and remain true to the calm and focused introvert that I am. It’s a challenge but it can be done—and it’s worth it.


My goal is to show you how to do it too. In fact, my purpose in starting meta-inspired.com is to help introverts to recognize and use their strengths to create a full and rewarding life.


What will you find here at meta-inspired?


  1. Lots of great information—look in the “What’s New?” blog section. The latest theories and research about the different personality types (introverts are not the opposite of extraverts), motivational stories by and about successful introverts, and other real exciting information.
  2. Lots of inspiration—real, true and intelligent inspiration. Stories and lessons about introverts in history, literature, philosophy, politics, science and the arts. And you’ll hear stories from ordinary people doing extraordinary things that just motivate and lift the spirit.
  3. Lots of help. Because we can all use a bit of help and guidance at times. Online classes, webinars, personal coaching and even a place where you can send a quick question to an “expert” introvert.

And there’s lots more—just have fun looking around!


I highly recommend that you take the “Am I an Introvert?” Quiz. It’s not long but it is fun and quite revealing. And please remember that everyone is welcome here. Introverts will find a great resource here. And extraverts will learn a lot about how to understand and connect with the introverts in their life.


Again, thanks for visiting this website. Please sign in—not required but really appreciated—and look around and, most of all, just enjoy this quiet and inspirational place for introverts!


Bye for now!


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    Lainey July 24, 2016 at 6:50 pm #

    It appears to me that this website doesnt load up on a Motorola Droid. Are other people getting the same problem? I enjoy this website and dont want to have to miss it whenever Im away from my coemrtpu.

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