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5 Great Qualities of Introverts–and 5 Great Introverts of Quality!

Introverts might possibly be the most misunderstood people on the planet! When we think of an introvert, many people envision a shy, shrinking and shaking little “hobbit” that is afraid of people, unable to engage in conversation and terrified of deep and lasting relationships. Introverts are also described using such unfortunate words as “reclusive”, “hermits” […]

ITTT: The Joy and Power of Consequences

Recognize this abbreviation? It has become immensely popular in these high-tech days. Yet it represents an age-old philosophy. Let’s back up for a moment. For those who are not familiar with this modern abbreviation, ITTT means literally, “If This Then That”. And yes it is a philosophy, a belief, an idea that has existed (probably) […]

The One Thing You Need to be Great

I was watching the women’s finals of the Australian Open when Serena Williams stepped forward to accept her trophy and huge paycheck. Yes, she had won a very important tournament and she had also won her 19th Gram Slam tournament. That had secured her a place in tennis history, surpassing the incredible accomplishments of other […]

How to Be Muhammed Ali: A Lesson in Greatness!

One of my favorite hobbies is to read biographies. They captivate and inspire me in many different ways. I read biographies of the rich, the famous, the infamous, the powerful, and the ordinary. I’ve read a wide range of biographies on people such as Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, and Tina Fey. I’ve read biographies that […]