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The One Thing You Need to be Great

I was watching the women’s finals of the Australian Open when Serena Williams stepped forward to accept her trophy and huge paycheck. Yes, she had won a very important tournament and she had also won her 19th Gram Slam tournament. That had secured her a place in tennis history, surpassing the incredible accomplishments of other […]

How to Be Muhammed Ali: A Lesson in Greatness!

One of my favorite hobbies is to read biographies. They captivate and inspire me in many different ways. I read biographies of the rich, the famous, the infamous, the powerful, and the ordinary. I’ve read a wide range of biographies on people such as Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, and Tina Fey. I’ve read biographies that […]

Are you made of sugar candy?

I love history! I love stories about people. I am intrigued by the human experience—the triumph, defeat, victory, loss, difficulty, overcoming. The human experience has it all. And that’s why I enjoy history so much; the human story (if told truthfully) contains all of these elements and more. There are so many lessons to be […]

Do you want to explore London?

“I shall begin, I said resolutely, to explore London…tomorrow.” This could be the story of my life. And the stories of the lives of many other people: A strong determination and resolution to accomplish something a task. Then putting it off until tomorrow. Often, tomorrow never comes. I don’t mean that literally. In my lifetime, […]