How to defeat “Mike Tyson”

I love watching a good boxing match. I like seeing the sweaty fighters and watching their “dance” in the ring. Out of the ring, I have learned a lot from boxers, particularly the greats like Muhammed Ali. I recently thought about the incredible story of Buster Douglas who provided yet another great “wisdom” from the world.

In 1990, James “Buster” Douglas challenged the “undefeated and undisputed” heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson. Naturally, he trained and trained for this fight. But he was clearly the underdog; Tyson was in top form and was virtually unbeatable in the ring. Commentators (who had titled the fight as “Mike is Back!”) just hoped that Buster would be able to last the ten rounds against the heavyweight champ. It appeared that the boxing experts had underestimated Buster.

What happened?

In the tenth round, Buster served a powerful uppercut to Tyson’s jaw and effectively knocked him out! Buster Douglas became the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Everyone wanted to know how Buster did it. What was the secret of his success? Had Buster simply out-trained Tyson? Did Mike Tyson just have a bad day?

Buster explained that, when he knew that he was going to face the “unbeatable” Mike Tyson in the ring, he totally committed himself to beating Tyson.

For six months, everything that Buster did was focused on defeating Tyson. When he woke up in the morning, he affirmed and visualized defeating Tyson. When we ate and trained, he affirmed and visualized defeating Tyson. When he went to bed at night, before falling asleep, he affirmed and visualized defeating Tyson.

For six months, nothing mattered to Buster except to defeat Tyson.

When he stepped into the ring on February 10, 1990 and faced Mike Tyson, he had already affirmed and visualized every aspect of defeating Tyson. Buster wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t nervous. He was focused on the job that he had to do: defeat Tyson–and this was his moment to do it.

We know how the story ends: Buster did beat Tyson and has gone down in history as the man who brought down the world’s fiercest fighting machine.

The Lesson from Buster

What lesson have I learned from Buster Douglas?

Everyone has a “Tyson” to defeat. Some people want to earn a top grade in a class. Some want to start a business. Others want to lose 10 pounds or to run a marathon. Some people want to buy a house, save a certain amount of money or earn a college degree. Others want to recover from a health problem, develop a healthy lifestyle or complete the Insanity workout.

I think that you get my point: Everyone is “Buster” and we all have a “Tyson” in our life.

How to Defeat our “Tyson”

Just like Buster Douglas, we have to face and defeat our “Tyson.” What did Buster do?

Three Steps to Victory

1. Commit

The first step is to face your “Tyson,” mountain or whatever your greatest challenge is. This means acknowledging its existence and, more importantly, committing yourself to defeating your “Tyson” or accomplishing your goal. Like Buster, this commitment is not just a one-day-a-week commitment but instead a total commitment. Every day.

Let’s say that you want to lose 10 pounds. Choose a diet plan and stick to it. Select a fitness regime and stick to it. Check your progress. But, most important, work towards your goal of losing the 10 pounds EVERY DAY until you have reached that goal.

Like Buster, everything that he did was with the goal of defeating Mike Tyson. If you want to reach your goal (e.g, lose 10 pounds), everything that you do must be focused on losing that weight.

2. Make Affirmations

Affirmations are incredibly important; in fact, they are essential tools to “defeating your Tyson”. Say them throughout the day. Use the same affirmation. Choose a different one. Whatever way works for you. Definitely use them.

Saying affirmations is a time-tested tool toward achieving goals, relieving stress and staying focused. They should be short but meaningful to you. Use positive language and vocabulary that resonates with you. I remember that Louise Hay (a long-time guru and hero of spiritual empowerment) said that you cannot overuse the power of affirmations. In other words, you cannot say too many affirmations. Use them constantly and they will help you reach your goal.

3. Visualize it!

This is another time-tested tool. Visualize reaching your goal. Visualize every step of your journey toward reaching your goal. Like Buster, visualize reaching your goal when you awaken in the morning and when you fall asleep at night. Experience the emotions and feelings as you visualize working toward and reaching your goal.

Take a few minutes throughout the day and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Quiet yourself. Visualize reaching your goal. By the way, visualizations are even more powerful when used with the affirmations (and vice versa). Like Buster, use this “meditation” when you first wake up and just before you fall asleep. And, like Buster, your “Tyson” won’t seem so fierce or unbeatable because you will have already “faced” it in your visualizations.

So, this is how to defeat “Tyson”. It is not hard but it requires absolute commitment, dedication and an insane amount of work. But like Buster, these steps can help you to win the title and become the champion.

And you will have the courage, strength and power to face your next “Tyson”. Bring it!

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