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What Introverts can learn from Extraverts: Say “Yes!” (Lesson 4)

Today, we begin the fourth lesson that introverts can learn from extraverts. In the last sessions, we learned the importance of small talk, the ability to take risks and how to be comfortable in crowds. Extraverts have mastered these skills. Introverts have not. Yes, introverts do have other skills that extraverts can learn (like how […]

What Introverts can learn from Extraverts: The 5-Part Series

Introverts often feel unfairly judged by the Extravert world. They complain of being dismissed as weird or antisocial. Often introverts feel this unfair (and untrue) characterization for the sole reason of feeling comfortable in (and even preferring) our own company. Moreover, introverts don’t ram ourselves down other people’s throats or go on a never-ending search […]