Welcome to Meta-Inspired!

Welcome to Meta-inspired.com

You have just found an inspiring and intelligent place for introverts!

I’m so glad that you have come to this website because I want to put you on the path to success, power and happiness—as an introvert.

My name is Robin Lofton and I proudly proclaim that I’m an introvert!

Don’t know the great qualities of a classic introvert? Click here.

I admit that I didn’t always “proudly proclaim” my introversion. For many years (most of my life, in fact), I denied it. I wanted to be an extravert. I tried hard to be an extravert. But it just was NOT ME. Read or hear my story.

You might not realize that this is not just an “extravert’s world.” In fact, studies show that more people identify with being an introvert than an extravert. Introverts contribute a lot to our families, our society and our world. We’re successful in business, law, journalism, literature, politics, sports…we’re everywhere and we’re strong on the scene.

I am a lawyer, stock and currencies trader, writer, blogger, podcaster, life coach, teacher, student, athlete, wife, mother and friend.

Yes, I have a very full life…and a life full of activity, noise and demands. But I still nurture and remain true to the introvert within me. It’s a challenge but it can be done.

My goal is to show you how to do it. How to lead a full, happy and even extraordinary life as an introvert.

I coach people how to recognize and appreciate themselves as introverts and how to cope with and even conquer social situations in your business, professional and personal life.

First step: Are you an introvert or extravert? You might already know but I urge to take the Quiz!

Scored as an introvert? Great! You’re in the right place. You will find lots of great information, helpful hints, inspirational insights and, of course, fun activities to inform and entertain you.

Scored as an extravert? Great and don’t worry. Everyone is welcome here. In fact, you can still learn a lot here: how to identify the introverts around you (without forcing them to take the quiz!) and how to have a mutually enjoyable and rewarding relationship with the introverts in your life.

Join the fun. Get the information. Enjoy this quiet and inspirational zone. It’s all here for you!

Enjoy yourself at meta-inspired.com!

I would love to hear from you. I love to hear inspirational and uplifting stories by people who are introverts but I also want to hear the challenges and difficulties that you face as introvert. And I always welcome your questions and comments. You can contact me at robin@meta-inspired.com.